CityCruiser I
The CityCruiser I is a muscle powered tricycle for one rider and two passengers. It is equipped with a small auxiliary motor. The surface of the semi-enclosed cabin provides attractive advertising space.

The design of the vehicle combines avant-garde appearance and advanced technology. The tricycle was certified by DEKRA.

CityCruiser II

Veloform has been put in charge of the development of a new CityCruiser-generation, the CityCruiser II.

Providing a well-balanced combination of transportation and advertising medium, the CityCruiser II has to meet high expectations from a range of international users - operators, passengers, advertising clients. Enhanced comfort for driver and passengers in different topographical environments form an important challenge to the future CC generation. Further improvements will also include reducing the weight and increasing the suspension.

The new model will also create a versatile advertising space to provide an ideal platform for the international commercialisation of this emission free vehicle.


On the basis of the new CityCruiser generation, Veloform is developing a delivery vehicle that combines delivery and advertising function.

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