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About the name...

Yanghunzi vs. Shudaizi Cartoon is an online, weekly cartoon that explores the rapidly changing landscape of the world's most populous country, China, through the eyes of two language school chums turned adventurer-entrepeneurs.

The characters...


Foreignus extrovertious

Yanghunzi (Yanghunzii plural) is a creature of resourcefulness without bounds. Originally inhabiting North American climates, Yanghunzi made the transition to the East upon learning of the frequent wind-born dust storms, arid climate, and dense city-dwelling, farmer-like populations inhabiting the region, all which provide the Yanhunzi with his ample dietary requirements of frustration, chaffing, and uncontrolled, recursive, frolicking fits of amusement. Referred to by some as "Street Punk".


Foreignus giganti referentious

Shudaizi (Shudaizii plural) is a timid, sometimes unpredictable marsupial, that is easily disoriented. Surprisingly this subspecies of Shudaizi originated in the Americas and has slowly migrated East as his local supply of hard-to-read books began to vanish. All the reading in the world has prepared Shudaizi for his new life in China, but for reasons not yet known, we are still perplexed by his inability to adapt to the local environment. Curiously, Shudaizii have been known to possess panda-like reflexes, making them quite suitable for the jungle-like webs of guanxi found in it's modern, urban environment. Due to his ravenous appetite for books, the Shudaizii are often known to the general public as "Book Worms"

The producers...

These pictorial accounts of Yanghunzi vs. Shudaizi Cartoon are provided by the creative efforts of Moli Design, a Beijing-based graphic design and multimedia company bent, like everyone else, on domination of the Chinese market. *whoopie!*

All footage is courtesy of Liu Jing, who has spent many years tracking and documenting the unique cultural habits of Yanghunzi and Shudaizi. Story ideas are provided by staff, family, friends and you.

Updates are scheduled every Friday.

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Copyright (C) 2000 Moli Design / Yazhu Digital, Ltd. All rights reserved.