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So, what do you think of Yanghunzi vs. Shudaizi Cartoon so far?

We know, some people 'get it', some people 'don't'. That's just the way things are in life!

Anyhow, if you have any ideas for a story or would like us to document some particular habits of Yanghunzi, Shudaizi, or their surrounding environment, drop us a line or write your comments on our guestbook below!

Who knows, if we use your story idea we'll send you a free, unworn T-shirt, with love, of course!



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Thu Jul 6 14:38:35 CST 2000 Jay Tan at US http://www.tandynasty.com
I saw the faster connection cartoon and then went back and looked at all your other cartoons. Honesty, none of them make me laugh out loud, but they do make me think about China. I did like the one where Shu Daizi returns home for Christmas and is all "nongcun'ed" out. Why is it that his sweater and even his jacket looked familiar? And in another one, he has a NY Yankees hat? Hmmmm. . .Shu Daizi looks strangely familiar. You have a very subtle sense of humor. Not ha-ha funny, but it has a point.
Mon Jul 3 14:17:45 CST 2000 mandydeng at guangzhou, China http://

Sat Jul 1 21:18:44 CST 2000 emael at Shanghai, China http://
Is this english or chinglish on your webpage?
Fri Jun 23 18:09:36 CST 2000 Terry Crossman at Beijing, China http://
Wow the sight has improved since I last visited, and the Peking Academy! Great stuff. No probs getting it, and no suggestions at this point, but e-mail me if you want some stuff about the Donkey King restaurant and asses in China.
Sat Jun 10 08:51:04 CST 2000 Jack Brown at Germantown, TN http://
Thanks for giving us insight in Bejing. We have visited and will return this fall. You will help us around your great city. Keep up the good work. jack
Thu May 25 13:16:37 CST 2000 Amy Potthast at Fuling, Chongqing, China http://
No new ideas. The cartoon IS funny, and if someone says they don't "get" it they are probably lying. I'm a Peace Corps Volunteer down south here in Chongqing Municipality. I'll tell other folks about the website.
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